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You'll be surprised at what your money block is!

You cannot heal it through your mind, it's held in the body through the sub-conscious mind.

Awakening Breathwork Presents,

For the Love of Money - Healing your Money Love Story

What is your relationship to Money? Does money flow to you as you wish, do you feel the full abundance of money to give you freedom to be do and have the life you desire?

I'm here to share with you through Awakening Breathwork a powerful process to shift and heal your money story.

During a powerful breathwork session I was shown that our relationship to money is exactly the same as our relationship in love and romance!!

Our ability to attract conscious, loving, healthy relationships is all to do with our unconscious programming developed in early childhood and past down through our bloodline in our DNA and our relationship to money is exactly the same. And it's not your fault. However, these programs that no longer serve you can be un-programmed through Awakening Breathwork.

How worthy we feel to receive love and acceptance on our terms without having to people please, walk on egg shells, be something we are not, again is the same energy with Money.

Money is simply an exchange of energy and alignment.

Some of the negative emotions we can have unconsciously around Money are, unworthiness, shame, guilt and abandonment. All these emotions are attached to a story.

These can come from unconscious programming from our family of origin, culture and the collective. We have all come from generational trauma through war and famine, some more than others, where money was difficult and scarce. We may hold stories like:

  • Money doesn't grow on trees
  • You have to work hard for money (and love)
  • Money doesn't come easy (or love)
  • Rich people aren't nice/good/happy
  • Money is evil
  • There is not enough money
  • I'm unlucky with money and love
  • Money comes and money goes (this was a big one for me, my money is like a lover that just walks out the door - ouch) or you might say, money slips through my fingers.
I'm sure you could add to this list, and before attending, I invite you to start writing your Money Love Story.

Why Is This My Passion?

I've traveled, trained and experienced ancient teaching in Egypt, India, Mexico, Peru, Costa Rica, United States and Australia how transformational and shamanic breathwork changed my life. I've made it my mission in life to show people everything I know. I've witnessed it change peoples live from the jungles of Peru, to Argentina. From Mexico to the desserts of Sedona, never ceases to amaze me of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual encounters this can create.

What Will You Learn?

I guide you through Conscious Connected Breathwork which is one of the quickest modalities to shift and heal the dysregulation of the nervous system, caused by emotional, mental and physical trauma and wounding.

Awakening Breathwork method engages modern and ancient breathing and healing techniques, somatic unwinding and hypnotherapy through voice and music activation. This allows for  rapid release and deep healing of the sympathetic nervous system and increases vagal tone.

A dysregulated nervous system can look like:




Bad moods & Quick Temper

Foggy Brain

Digestive problems


Chronic pain & Fatigue

Hormonal & Fertility issues

Toxic relationships

Money issues

And so much more ...

What Can You Expect?  This is my money love story...

I had an amazing download and personal breakthrough during a breathwork journey with a business coach on money. The words “FOR THE LOVE OF MONEY” came through and all of a sudden I saw my relationship to money was the same energy that I had with my romantic relationships.

As I journeyed deep in my subconscious mind, I saw all the limiting programs I was running around love and money. And how none of them where mine, instilled and conditioned mostly through my family, some from the collective and some as a way to protect myself from further failure and heartache.

And just like my love life, money would come and money would walk out the door or slip through my fingers.

Sometimes money was like a one night stand, gone before the light of day!

My relationship to money was as tormenting and heartbreaking as my relationship to love.

Once you see the pattern, you can own it, and change it, unlearn it, unwire, un-program and write a new love story….one with a happy ending

Everything is energy, money is an energy and we attract the same energy we vibrate.

Unfortunately, what we vibrate is from our cells, it’s in our DNA, it’s completely unconscious. You can’t change your DNA through the thinking mind, it just doesn’t work. You have to change it through the body at the cellular level, this is why breathwork is so effective.

"Your breath is the bridge between the body and the mind"

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When you attend this Awakening Breathwork Journey, you'll learn how to shift your life, love, business, and relationships by learning & embodying the reality of 

"For the Love of Money" Healing your money love story into your own life through Awakening Breathwork.

The moment you were born you took your first breath in and the last thing you will do in this life is breath out.  All of life is an in breath and an out breath. Our natural breath becomes distorted through trauma and negative life experiences.  This all can be healed and we can learn how to breath correctly, so that our breath is our medicine and we can learn how to live with more purpose & potential. I hope that you'll join me and the countless other individuals from around the globe who are also seeking to to heal their money story through "For the Love of Money" both personally & professionally.

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