Move Breathe Meditate is a creation of 25 years of yoga teaching and practice.  It is a moving breathing meditating practice combining the most effective elements of yoga and pranayama to regulate the nervous system back to balance and ease.

Move Breathe Meditate classes are a way to tap into yourself. Using specially designed yoga movements, conscious breathing techniques and guided meditation.

Classes are suitable to all levels of fitness as the focus is on moving energy breathing and meditating.

You will be guided to really drop into yourself and we aim to shift into a state of bliss and relaxation. MBM works directly on balancing the Nervous System.

Physically you will feel tension leaving your body, like you have had a deep massage. ā€‹Emotionally and Mentally you will feel calm, centered and at ease. Soulfully you will come home to yourself, you will feel connected, grounded, safe and renewed in your body and mind.

Emotional Release Practice

There is NOTHING wrong with anything you are feeling. I teach you how to create a safe space for yourself to process and digest what’s coming up (keep the body and mind flowing with what’s current, rather than filled with old stuff). Breath, sound and movement allow this energy to move.

This is a beautiful, and powerful embodiment practice done to music and recommended to become part of your daily practice.  It allows for the release of stuck energy especially in the Sacral and Throat Chakra.


Emotional Release Practice $22

In this, you'll have exactly what you need. When I curated this, I knew exactly what I wanted to include. Every detail is intentionally designed to meet you where you are now, and where you desire to go in your healing through this "release". 

  • Welcome Video
  • 3 Ritual Videos
  • PDF

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