What corner of the globe do you desire to awaken in on your spiritual journey? 

Upcoming retreats for 2024 -2025 will be hosted in 

South America, North America, Europe, Australia, Indonesia.

Retreat experiences are curated for you to step away and immerse yourself into your desired location, culture, and healing modality. 

Types of Retreat Experiences:

Women's Retreats

Couples Retreats

Breathwork & Tantra Retreats


Upcoming Retreat Experiences:

Date: October 2024

Location: Bali

Retreat Type: Breathwork Certification

Details: 7 Days - Accommodations & Organic Vegan Meals Included

I've spent the last 3 decades traveling the 4 corners of the earth by exploring the most authentic practices known to our ancestors. 

I firmly believe and live the knowledge that I've gained by some of the worlds most renown and grounded shamans, spiritual leaders & teachers, yoga masters, and breathwork healing.

Your journey to healing can exceed your wildest dreams...because you deserve to live a life fully healed despite any and all the things that your should journey have led you through up until now. 

You're invited to take a journey that's overdue for your body, soul, mind, and spirit. You've already probably felt your soul calling you to a deeper level of yourself that  you have yet to discover but you're so excited to meet because you know that it exist. 

It's always my goal that any soul's journey is deeper and more connected than they've ever felt before. 

To know your soul's journey on such a deep level where you find your true purpose in life, love, business, relationships is what this human experience is all about.

You're invited.


- Neelam

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